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Do you want to remove your tattoo?
Welcome to Tattoo Removal Team!

Our ambition is that you will feel safe all the way from the free advice until your treatment is completed.
We have many years of experience in removing tattoos and use the newest Twin Pulse Technique.

We use a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser Q-terra Q7, which is a special laser to remove tattoos. Our Q-terra Nd: YAG laser machine have a unique patented Twin Pulse Technology. The technique of the short double pulses focus the beams towards the ink and the treatment takes place. Our laser is effective, safe and the most suitable available to bleach and remove tattoos. The method is well proven and documented. Rapid laser pulses breaks down the color pigment in your tattoo. The body then disposes these fragments via it´s immunesystem. We set up our laser based on your personal conditions to get the most favorable and perfect result to remove your tattoo.




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